Perfume Making – A Mom and Daughter Bonding Activity at Chemworld Fragrance Factory

Perfume Making – A Mom and Daughter Bonding Activity at Chemworld Fragrance Factory

Last Saturday, Chemworld Fragrance Factory opened here at the 2nd floor of the SM City Bacolod north wing. Dindin and I availed of their free perfume making seminar and I have to say that it was indeed a fun, exciting, pleasurable, and educational afternoon for my daughter and I. It was another learning opportunity for my homeschooled daughter, something that she cannot learn in the classroom but which opened her eyes to a whole new world.

Dindin and I are both giddy with excitement before the start of the seminar with all the lab equipment laid out in front of us.

Fun and Exciting
Who wouldn’t have fun making perfume? And since it is a new experience for both Dindin and myself, we were both so excited about learning, mixing, and then making our own scents. You can just imagine the giggles up until the seminar started. I could barely get Dindin to stay on her seat. haha

If there is one business or activity that is most pleasurable, that is perfume making. That is because you are handling scents and things that smell good just make you feel good, too, right? The seminar room at the SMX Bacolod was filled with wonderful scents coming from all over the room.

Dindin and I pouring another ingredient into the mixture.

We didn’t just learn to mix the formula. We were taught through a video presentation the origins of perfume, the classification of scents, how they are made, why they are very expensive, and many other things. It was not just about the business, it was learning all about the subject of perfumery in a nutshell.

I measured the ingredients for Dindin and she poured them in her Erlenmeyer flask and mixed them herself.

And here we are with the perfumes we made! πŸ˜€

Note: Perfume making seminars at Chemworld Fragrance Factory cost P500 per person the you can choose to buy your perfume making starter kit that ranges from P1200 to P4000. We bought the P3,500 kit. Dindin and I already made our own scents and these are the ones pictured below. We had four bottles of 200ml perfumes, 2 for men and 2 for women. Not bad for starters. πŸ˜€ Visit the Chemworld branch nearest you and find out how you can start your own perfume making business or if you just want to make for your family and yourself. If you are going to make it a mother and daughter bonding activity, I would suggest that you daughter already be at least 5 years old, or at least old enough to stay still, listen, and handle the laboratory grade glassware involved in perfume making.

Dindin and I intend to make and sell perfumes and scents as a project. We would like to focus on events giveaways with customized labels. πŸ˜€

The perfumes that we made at home after we bought our starter kit.

10 thoughts on “Perfume Making – A Mom and Daughter Bonding Activity at Chemworld Fragrance Factory

  1. Willa

    It must be a fun experience for her. πŸ™‚ What a great opportunity!

  2. Claire (First-time Travels)

    I missed this event! Next time, I’ll try this one. πŸ™‚

  3. Dhadha

    Little kids like to experiment and this activity will surely be super fun for them! They will experience how to be an inventor/chemist, oh dba? Kasadya lang sng feeling kung bata. Hihi. :))

  4. Iris Pulga

    So cool! Super sulit ang activity na ‘to. I know medyo expensive ang perfume making seminars na ganito.

    Hello DinDin!

  5. Sammy

    Ooh! This I like! Would love to know why they are indeed very expensive. πŸ™‚ And why my nose despises those that smell too sweet. Makes me dizzy.

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Haha At least you can’t stand only the sweet ones. But yeah, it would be nice to understand that.

  6. Jojo Vito

    It’s a very interesting for you and Dindin. I’m sure that enjoys a lot. This can also stimulate her creativity and interest in business πŸ™‚

  7. WAHMaholic

    It’s a unique bonding activity for the family alright. We like perfumes for when we go out of the house, it just never occurred to me that we can make them ourselves!

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      haha And it’s super fun to do! πŸ˜€ Find out about it at the nearest Chemworld branch sis. πŸ˜€

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