Painting a Mural

Painting a Mural

Painting a mural on our bedroom wall.

One morning, Dindin asked for one of her toy make up brushes so I gave it to her. I thought she was going to put makeup on one of her dolls only to find out that she had something different in mind.

She pretended to paint a mural on our wall. Notice the iPad on the bed? That is her palette. Her Papa has downloaded a palette app and so if she needs a new color, she just looks for it on the iPad and then dips her brush on it. She was really serious with what she was doing that when I asked her what she painted, she said she did a big pink flower and a doll with a pink hair. hahaha Such imagination! We just encourage her to do these things and we applaud her for that–even if these are just make-believe. 😀


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