Baby Bath Time

Giving our baby a bath is a really stressful time. I think much of the poundage that I lost is during the work that I get during her bath time. hehe We are not sure what ticks her off, as the temperature is just enough, we give her a bath in room that is not

Dindin’s Newborn Screening

We had to sign a paper or something that we allow Dindin to undergo the newborn screening. It was fine with us, after all, that will enable us to know if there are congenital anomalies in Dindin. It will make it easier for us to avoid foods and medications that can be potentially harmful to

The Birth of Shawna Din Lo

Since March 2, 2009, I had been experiencing strong contractions already, which continued for the entire week. On Tuesday, March 10, we went to Robinsons for an early afternoon walk and to speed things up. But I suspected that my bag of water was already leaking and so we passed by the hospital for an