Overnight Maturity

I have not blogged about Dindin lately because we got busy not only with work but also with social activities. We are attending DVBS and we seem to have something to do almost every night.

Anyway, it does seem like Dindin is maturing overnight. We have not spent much time with her as a family lately because Dennis and I just take turns taking care of her. Or sometimes, whenever we get together, these times are limited. But last Tuesday night, we went to Robinsons and just took her around. We passed by their baby section and I saw some baby clothes that were on sale. I saw a yellow tube sundress with blue flowers printed in front. It was sooooo adorable. And since I am a sucker for yellow things (except Sponge Bob), naturally the dress caught my eye. And learning that it was on sale at 50% off did not help either. I wanted to buy it but I have second thoughts because I already told myself that I will no longer buy clothes for Dindin. But then again, the style and color are unique for this dress. Dennis said that if Dindin has nothing like it yet, we can buy it as it was only P100. But I saw a similar design, this time, the dress was in red and the fabric was not printed.

And so we thought of letting Dindin decide. As early as 4 months, she can already make decisions on what we buy for her. And so I asked her, “Which one do you like?” She pointed at the yellow dress and laughed rather mockingly while mumbling something. Then she pointed at the red dress to indicate her choice. I told her, “Ahay Din, Mama likes the yellow dress. This one is nicer.” etc etc. But Dindin just put two hands over her ears, as if telling me that she doesn’t want to listen anymore. Sigh…

We were in a crossroad. Dennis said, why not show it to her one at a time and ask her again. So I did. I first lifted up the yellow dress and asked her excitedly. She signed NO, moving her index finger from left to right. I insisted and so she signed NO again, this time with bigger hand signals and placing her hand near my face. It is like saying, “Ma, can’t you see this, I said NO!?”

And so I showed her the red dress and asked her again, but this time, there was no excitement in my tone of voice, just so we would be sure if she knew what she was doing. She nodded yes. I exclaimed again, “Ahay Din! Mama likes the other one better!” She placed a palm on her forehead as if in exasperation and that was the end of the conversation. Dennis said, “You had to ask her.”

Sigh…I gave her choices but I like the yellow dress better so that was the one I bought. But next time, this would not happen again. I should not have asked her in the first place if I have already decided what to buy. I guess I thought I could still change her decision but at 13 months, my child is already making decisions. And I will have to respect that because I am raising her to become an independent thinker.

I guess I will have to accept that and live with it. At least we know that this kid isn’t kidding with her decisions.


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