Outing at Jollibee

Outing at Jollibee

couples outing

We were supposed to go to the Ruins in Talisay but as it turned out, we ended up at Jollibee because of the threat of impending rain. So I just wanna share with you our photos. Dindin enjoyed her time with friends. It is not so much as where we were but who we were with. That is what matters. I am glad that Dindin will grow up with the children of friends–Ian and Daphne with daughter Gianna and King and Mimi with son David, and soon, Sam. 😀  I hope we can do this more often. 😀

dindin with kids

Dindin enjoyed playing with Ahya David and Miga Gianna. David was really playing older brother to the two younger girls. Perhaps he was trying to practice, as he will have little Sam soon. Ugtas lang siya kay Dindin kay dugay magsaka! haha Gianna ate a cone of ice cream, which surprised us. We had a really fun time! 😀

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