Our Trip Home

Our Trip Home

I am just sharing these photos on our last day at the beach and our trip home. On the third day, we woke up around 7:30am and did not do anything else anymore except pack because we were supposed to leave the resort at 10am. We were told that if we left later, the water might be too shallow and the pump boat could not dock near the shore anymore and we have to walk a distance with our things.

Since we were already tired with Day 2 activities, we opted to sleep in. That is why my husband said that it would have been nice if we could stay another whole day, or at least leave in the afternoon because then we could still have a late morning swim or something. But then we were told that 24 people were coming to take our rooms that morning so we had no choice but to leave.

For long vacations like, I think it is best to spend 3 nights in the place so that you could have two whole days in the place and spend the rest traveling. Like my husband and my brother in law had to drive four hours one way just to get to our destination. The ladies on the other hand did the packing and the cooking, etc.

Oh well, maybe next time. 😀

Below is our 20-minute pump boat ride back to the shore where our cars were parked. Dindin no longer wanted to subject herself to the straight jacket effect of her life vest and absolutely refused to wear it again. She just endured it on our way to the resort. hehehe

short trip on a pump boatWe stopped by around 12 noon at the Kalan-an sa Higad Dalan in Hinigaran City for our native lunch of talaba (oysters), grilled pork, and grilled fish. Kalan-an sa Higad Dalan literally means “Restaurant by the Roadside.” Dindin ate only rice.

Roadside Restaurant, Hinigaran City

Dindin’s Koko (aunt) had a phone call and she thought she had one, too. From the looks of it, they seem to be talking to each other. hahaha Kulit!

calling each otherBy the way, just sharing here photos during our last night at the Fiesta Cove Resort. Dindin has always liked wearing shoes of adults. So here she is using her Koko’s Havas. hehe

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