Our Potty Training System

When Dindin was just several months old, we tried to get her used to the potty. That was when she can already sit down. We did not really force her, we just wanted her to get used to it and also to have a regular time at the potty.

But when she turned a year old, this was stopped because she got sick very often and most of the time, the only thing I did was to giver her medicines and to clean away her vomit. It was very tiring and stressful. When the sickly episodes were over, she was already about 1.5 years old and she got used to peeing and poopoo in her diaper.

We tried all methods, but she refused to sit on the potty. Oh yeah, she would sit alright but she will not use it. Sometimes she would sit there for several minutes and then stand up to pee at the corner of the bed. She knew what the potty is and what it is for, but she just refused. We got to the point of scolding and punishing to no avail. One day, I just realized her frustration, when, after peeing on the floor, she just buried her face on the bed and shook it. She was as frustrated as we were, but she just refused. It was then that I stopped. I thought if she was not ready, then we will wait for her to be ready.

I kept the potty and I would just take it out about once a month just to see if she wanted to use it. She didn’t so I would keep it again.

Several months ago, we started using reusable diapers so that we could save on her diaper usage, at least for the day. But a couple of weeks ago, I ran out of reusable shells because it had rained for several days in a row and so her shells were still in the laundry. It was already around 6pm so I thought if I was going to let her wear a diaper we would just waste another one. I thought of taking out the potty again.

I put it in a corner and then without having me to tell her, she ran to the corner and sat down to pee, like it was the most natural thing to do. After she was done, she stood up and said “Yey! I’m finished!” It took me some moments to realize what was going on. Dindin was ready to be potty trained! Since then she would pee on the potty. There were accident for about three days thereafter, but the potty was already part of the routine.

I also asked her if she will poop in the potty. She said “NO!” So I said, okay. She continued to do so in her diaper but the pee went in the potty. On the third night, she sat down on the potty to pee. She already pooped in the day so I never thought that she would. I waited for her to stand up so that I can pull up her underwear. But she just sat there. So I told her, “Okay, just call Mama when you’re done.” After several minutes, she stood up and called me. I was about to pull up her underwear when she said, “No, uu.” And yeah, there it was, she pooped in her potty! I was sooooo happy.

That night, she realized how easy it is to do it sitting down as opposed to standing up. So up until now, she does both weewee and poopoo in the potty! I am one happy mama! 😀



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