Organic Products For Me

Organic Products For Me

After my ultrasound where I learned that I was indeed pregnant, I took a jeep and went straight to Robinsons Place where there is a GNC store. I got myself a bottle of their prenatal formula multivitamin. I also got some healthful snack items and Anmum Materna. From Fresh Start (located at the second floor), I got organic soaps, shampoo, feminine wash, and even cologne.

I thought if I were to be pregnant, I would want to be healthy for my baby. And since I would be carrying her for 9 months, I would like to invest in her health. And I turned organic because for the past several weeks, I had been exposed to harmful chemicals due to the renovation of my brother in law’s room. While cleaning our own bathroom, I used oxalic acid and muriatic acid and Zonrox. I did not wear a mask over my nose nor gloves on my hand. That means I have inhaled chemicals and some of them have leached on my skin. So I said, no more harmful chemicals, as I need to rid myself of whatever I have taken in.

Then I scheduled a visit to my OB-Gynecologist.

I immediately took the supplements because I know that each day, the cells double. And I would like my baby nourished while in the cell development stage.

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    If all pregnant women are like you, it would really be nice. Sadly, there are moms-to-be who don’t take care of themselves enough for their babies.

  2. Donna Jane

    Hope you get more healthy with organics ! take care 🙂 you and your dearest baby 🙂

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