One Day Without Electricity Turns Dindin into a Bug Detective

One Day Without Electricity Turns Dindin into a Bug Detective

bug detective

Dindin examines a bug on the grass

One Sunday afternoon, there was no electricity in most homes and establishments in our city because of electrical maintenance. It was very hot in the room so we decided to go outside in the living room. It was still really hot that it feels like an oven in the house. I am not exaggerating, we live on the third floor that is very near the ceiling and it has no insulation. There is a wall on one side so there is really no cross ventilation.

I really don’t know how to entertain Dindin and keep her busy at this time. So we went outside to the garden. First we watered the plants but I was told that the water might run out because there was no electricity to pump water to the tank. After watering a few plants, we stopped.

While we sat there, I remembered the bug set that I bought Dindin more than a year ago. The set contained six plastic bugs, a tweezer and a magnifying glass. Telling Dindin to stay in the garden, I went inside to get it. Then, I placed the bugs all over the place and told Dindin to look for them. She was so happy to find them all that we found ourselves doing the activity over and over again. haha I even put a cap on her for effect.

This is a great activity if you have a bigger yard and you have more plastic creatures that they can look for. Have friends come over, let them wear sleuth costumes so they can pretend to be bug detectives! What a fun and educational outdoor activity. It stimulates the body as well as the mind. You can make it into a competition, too. Who finds the most bugs win!

outdoor activity

A wider lawn would make this activity more interesting.

7 thoughts on “One Day Without Electricity Turns Dindin into a Bug Detective

  1. Kelly R.

    What adorable photos. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes not having electricity can be a good thing.

  2. Debbie Langley

    Sounds like you turned your downer day into something positive. Glad you remembered you had the bug set. Looks like Dindin really enjoyed her day.

  3. Karen Che

    I’m in love with this post, what a great idea for an adventure in your own backyard.

  4. Rebecca Sinclair

    How fun! What a cute idea. My kids love to go bug hunting, but it would be fun to make an organized activity out of it!

  5. miki

    so cute and you can try to find real ones too ( and them to identify them with a book) at least for older ones

  6. Anne

    She looks so cute in the photos! Now reminiscing my childhood years which were mostly spent outdoors.

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