On Childlike Faith and Prayer

On Childlike Faith and Prayer

Dindin got the Barbie Convertible Megablocks set as a gift from our family friend, Titay Pepay, and naturally, she was so happy. Every bit and part for her is precious, including the brochures that come with the package.

This morning while she was drinking milk, Shane played with the brochure. I heard Dindin shouting, “Siobe, Noooooo!!! Don’t play with that!!!” I reassured her that it’s okay, Shane won’t tear it up because she has been handling books lately without tearing anything. I said, “It’s okay, just let her. Siobe will just read it.”

I went back to what I was doing and after what seemed like 2 minutes, I heard the sound of ripping paper and Dindin shouting again, “Mom!!! She tore it!” And I ran to where the two of them was and said, “Oh no, Siobe. I told your sister that you will not tear it” while getting the papers from Siobe and taping it. Dindin was starting to sob. It was her turn to be reassured, “It’s okay Din, I will tape it back.”

The brochure in question.

Dindin stopped crying but I believe that she felt that it was no longer the same. Then I heard her say, “Lord, please heal this. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” She was praying over the torn brochure with the solid faith of a child.

And you know what I said because I wanted to comfort her? “Ah Din, I don’t think that will be brought back to its original form.” I mentally slapped myself for saying so because what Dindin replied blew me, “With God nothing is impossible, Mama.”

Of course, she was right. Nothing is impossible with God. What a great and fresh reminder to this Mama who has been a Christian for a long time but who sometimes forgets who her God is. I guess I had been an adult for so long that in my pragmatism, I forgot who God is. Dindin’s words stung.

And to make me sillier, I had to check the brochure if God indeed repaired or “healed” that torn sheet. Of coure He did not. Of course the tape was still there. But like in life, there are prayers that remain unanswered. Or some of them have delayed answers. Our part is not to demand. Our part is to pray and have faith.

It really pays to teach children about God even at a young age. We don’t know how much of the lessons and Bible stories they understand. But let us just have faith that God is working in their hearts and consciousness.

Thank you Lord for children. They help us see you with fresh eyes. 😀

P.S. One thing about Dindin–even when her sister tore one of her favorite things, she did not hurt Siobe for doing so. She was disappointed and she cried, but she did not harm her sister. I believe that she has understood that family and relationships are more important than things.

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