OHotel Getaway and Family Pictorial

Thanks to OHotel here in Bacolod City, we had our family weekend getaway in their Matthew Suite.

Dindin had a great time in what she probably thinks as a nice, new room (she said that in our hotel in Sipalay) and also had fun in the bath tub because of the bubbles.

Last week, we wanted so much to have our family pictorial for our anniversary but we got so busy that we just did not have the time to prepare ourselves. But today, before leaving the hotel, we set up our camera on top of the table and snapped away at ourselves using the timer. I think we look really nice that I no longer want to go to the studio. After all, this photo was taken after two nights of staying in the hotel doing nothing but playing, watching videos and movies, worshiping, praying, and going to the mall. So we are rested. hihi I guess that is why we look good, right? I have not looked this good in photos for a long time! hahaha


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