Officially Terrific

Officially Terrific

Today is Dindin’s actual birthday.

While many refer to this stage as terrible two, I beg to disagree and ever since, I have branded this time as the Terrific Two. And today, it is official–the start of Dindin’s terrific years.

Yep, it is up to you what you believe but I believe in the power of words and I am declaring that this year will be one of the most enjoyable and most memorable times with Dindin. We have been blessed with a really fun birthday party last night at Jollibee. She got a lot of gifts and she really enjoyed opening each one of them.

Each time we opened a gift, Dindin became melodramatic. She would draw out a gasp then say “Ooooohhh” or “Wooowww”…As in. She was totally into it.

We are just blessed that we had gift certificates in Jollibee. Our expenses were subsidized. I was talking to a friend of mine who was a manager of a local company and she said that she has employees who always make loans in order to finance the birthday parties of their children. Of course, parents would want to treat their kids. But then, many resort to credit, including online cash advance just to finance a birthday party.

Just thankful that we need not have to do that and still celebrate Dindin’s birthday with a fun party! Thank you, Lord! And thank you for allowing us to have Dindin.

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  1. maricar

    yes indeed, this is a wonderful stage… Enjoy it. Before you know it they’ll be 5 na 🙂

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