Of Phrases and Sentences

Of Phrases and Sentences

I could no longer remember how long has Dindin been mumbling as responses to things–questions, reactions to events, comments to situations, etc. We just laugh, as we thought, haha timing lang.

But she did start talking quite early. Her first word, of course, was “MAMA.” This came at 3 months. Then came “law-ay”, “indi”, “didi”. The at five months, she said “Papa” and “A-ma.” Eventually, there was Lolo, Lola, Nanay, Tatay, Mami, Dadi, sia-mi, baby, Didin, A-chiak, EJ, Mei-mei,Aya, Yaya, Yeye (ang kong), sie-sie (thank you-is that the phoenetics?), nana (for banana), dus (for juice), sush (for shoes), du (for dog), dadag (for dagdag) and a host of other things. A lot of times, she follows what we say or what the TV and the videos say.

But 3 days ago, she kept saying “Na-na” in a different context. Last night, I asked her, “Are you hungry?” She answered back, “Na-na” as if saying “Sige na, feed me na.” Oh, ok. When I brought her outside to the kitchen, she said “Yum” to the cooking food.

Today, when she woke up, I was already outside and her Papa was the one beside her. She sat up and said. Then she said, “Mama” as if looking for me. Her Papa said “Mama is outside.” She then got up and said, “Papa. Ta. Na.” (Papa. Lakat ta. Sige na. or Papa. Let’s go. C’mon!)

When Dennis told me that, I was like, “What???? She can compose a sentence already???”

When we got in the room, we bathe her and dressed her up. She sat up while holding her first doll, Chloe. While I was about to reach something, Dindin crawled across the bed, I said, “No baby, you might fall.” She signed towards her crib and said “Baby.” “Oh you wanted Julia? (her second doll). Ok.” I got it and gave it to her. She smiled. Then she signaled towards the right side, towards the cabinet and again said, “Baby.” So I asked, “Kirsten pa gid? (And Kirsten, too?”) So I gave Kirsten to her. Then she asked, “Didi ya (her didi, too.)” So I got it for her and then she happily fed her babies. Kirsten is a doll that moves and makes sounds when the bottle is inserted in her mouth. The bottle has a pointed stick edge, like that of a Zest-O straw. But Dindin manages to insert the bottle end inside Kirsten’s mouth.

We believe Dindin knows more words than we can actually understand. And that she might actually be frustrated that the things she thinks about do not sound the same when she says it. Last time, we caught her enunciating “gg-rafffffee.”

Last week, I told Dennis that we were going out of the room to keep Dindin’s mind of “d-e-d-e”. I spelled it so that she would not understand it. Then she enunciated, “diii-diii.” What? She understood me?

But I guess wonders will never cease. I just keep tabs of them because there are just a lot too fast.

4 thoughts on “Of Phrases and Sentences

  1. Anne Jillian D. Tinasas

    manang, dindin is truly super blessed by God. As in ma feel ko grabeh annointing cya gamay pa lang cia! ;] I enjoy reading your post manang. Keep it up! ;]

  2. lilian chan

    wow!! amazing! how can it be.. there’s nothing impossible when you’re truly blessed by God. hope i can meet her someday and wonder if she can automatically utter my name. hehe.. just kidding. btw, i had fun reading it. thanks, chi boots.. God bless

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