Of Farting and Sweaters

Of Farting and Sweaters

We were on the car one day when Dindin asked for her bottle so I gave it to her. Suddenly, I smelled something awful so I asked her:

Mama: Din, did you u-u (poo)? Ha? Did you u-u?

To which, Dindin removed the bottle from her mouth and replied:

Dindin: U-tot, Dindin. (Dindin farted. LOL)


I was dressing her up the other day and she was on the bed. I already put on her sleeveless shirt and pants but I left her sweater beside her while I finished other things. We were supposed to go out and so I thought I will just let her wear the sweater when we were about to leave already. The sweater is the green striped short-sleeve sweater that she always wears.

When I left her, Dindin got up and said:

Dindin: Wear sweater…sweater hat.

Hahaha She was referring to the sweater with the hood. She must have thought that the hood is also called the hat because after all, it is also worn on the head. Smart girl! Deductive reasoning in place. 😀 And she just coined a new word!

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