No Photos for Dindin

No Photos for Dindin

We still have no new photos for Dindin. It has been 3 weeks since our camera would put white streaks in our photographs. Tito Kieron could not figure out what is wrong so it is still in Manila. I hope it could be fixed without having to buy new parts. It is really expensive if parts would need replacement. Like my Nikon CoolPix S5 digital camera. When it broke, my brother had it checked in a Nikon Service Center in Manila and it costs around P14,000 to have it fixed. So he did not have it done and instead decided to buy a new one. Ridiculous repair.

So anyway, we just contend ourselves to borrow cameras from Koko or 2-chim whenever theirs are available. If not, memories are just embedded in our minds.

In another light, Dindin is still sick. Actually, both of us are. I started her on Wheatgrass powder today. We are supposed to visit her pedia, but I know that she will just give antibiotics, which I don’t like. We continue to pray for her healing.

Actually, her coughing is sparse as in like a few times in a day. She does not have constant runny nose, just dripping nose when she sneezes. Which is not also always. There must be an allergen in the house that is why I just keep cleaning. Anyway, please help pray for us.

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