No, No. Don’t Touch.

No, No. Don’t Touch.

At first, I had quite a problem teaching Dindin the concept of No. When she was a few months old, I would tell her “No” everytime she would attempt to put her finger in her mouth. Eventually, she thought that “No” meant putting her finger inside her mouth.

Well, thankfully, she learned what No meant and she would even sign it and say it in either Ilonggo or English. Now, I am really glad that when I tell her, No or Don’t touch, almost always she would obey me.

Last Sunday during Sunday school, it was the first time that she saw a CD player on the floor playing music. She was fascinated with it and her eyes sparkled as she approached the thingy. I told her “No, no, no. Don’t touch.” while waving my index finger. She looked at me and proceeded to the player. She squatted in front of it and continued to look at it in amazement without so much as attempting to touch it.

Last night, we were at Kuppa as we met with her Khue Pe Oliver. She would not stay seated as she roamed around the place. The she saw the salad bar and all the utensils within her reach. I told her again, “No, no, no. Don’t touch. Just look.” She signed the name of each utensil without touching them although I know that she likes meal sets so much. I am just so happy about that.

On the hand, if she is allowed to touch something, I let her. We would tell her, “Touch lang, don’t get.” And she would do just that. The problem just starts when you really give something to her because she will think that it is already hers. Last night at Kuppa, I gave her a packet of cream and sugar. Then I told her, “Okay, you can keep it, it’s yours.” What she did next blew me away. She reached out for the side pocket of her baby bag, which was placed behind me, and inserted the packets of cream and sugar. Oh my goodness! If the Kuppa people only saw what she did. hahaha

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