No More Milk

By this time, I am off Prednisone and is supposed to go back to breastfeeding Dindin.

But sadly, I no longer have milk. And I am really sad. Dindin really wants to feed from my breasts, but I have nothing to give her. Sure I still have some drops of milk left, but it is not enough to sustain her. She does latch on me especially if she wants to sleep. That is pretty much it. So she has to feed on her bottle and then for her comfort, she would latch unto me. I will then just change her position from time to time so that she can latch on both breasts and avoid having my breasts getting distorted.

I love my baby and I want her to give the very best, and that is breastmilk. But since I can’t, what can I do? Thankfully, our friend Jen has offered some extra breastmilk because she really has a lot. She just stores it in the freezer and then we go pick it up. We really would like Dindin to feed on breastmilk because of the nutrition that it can give. But since I cannot give it to her, thankfully, there is another mother who could. 😀

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