No Jumping on the Bed!

I never thought I would say this to Dindin this early.

But yesterday, she kind of found out that she could already run on the bed. And jump on it. Several times I had to pull her leg or catch her just so she would not fall off. Our bed is quite a distance from the floor and she could really hurt herself if she falls.

Additionally, she discovered how fun it is to jump on the bed. Before, she would stand up on the bed only but because she could not balance herself well, would end up falling on her butt. But now, she can balance herself better and realized that our bed is kinda bouncy because it has springs. So she is enjoying herself bobbing up and down. hahahaha The problem is, I don’t like kids jumping on my bed, not even Dindin. It grates my nerves while at the same time, jumping will really take their toll on the springs–Dewfoam mattress or not. So I hope I can explain this to Dindin already.

I just thought that this stage will come when a child is already around 2 years old. I guess our milestones just came a tad too early.

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