No Halloween Party for Us

No Halloween Party for Us

Minnie Mouse costume makeup

Minnie Mouse costume makeup

Now that November is approaching, the malls are already filled with Halloween decorations and when you go to the kids’ section, Halloween costumes are already aplenty. You daughter can choose to become an angel, a witch or a fairy, while your little boy can be a superhero, a zombie, a sorcerer, or a warlock.

Halloween parties can be fun in the present times, but because of the pagan origins and religious connotations of Halloween, we had not allowed Dindin to join them. Read more here: Christians and Halloween. While I cannot really tell you not to allow your child in the festivities because I could not exactly say it is wrong or a sin–well, it is up to your judgment.

In our case, at least, we are free from buying Halloween costumes for girls and we do not have to worry about having velcro tape on hand in case of a wardrobe malfunction. hehe

And although we are not joining, that doesn’t stop us from having fun with costume makeup. 😀

Instead we are looking forward to Easter. 😀

One thought on “No Halloween Party for Us

  1. Tetcha Figuerres

    Halloween is a fun season for kids. When my son was still in his old school (from Nursery to Kinder 1), they would always go trick-or-treating in the nearby establishments, and he really enjoyed getting all the chocolates and candies. Now that he’s in big school, I’m not really sure how he’ll be able to enjoy Halloween this year. I’ll try to look for some Halloween activities for him, so he won’t miss out on the fun.

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