No Appetite

No Appetite

When Dindin turned two, as in a day before her birthday, she started losing her already small appetite. As in she would refuse any kind of food. I think she is starting to get tired of the usual foods and would not want to try other kinds either.

Actually, I only give her two meals because she wakes up late so in the morning I just give her a bottle, which is about 8-9oz. Recently, we bought her Pediasure again so her morning meal is a serving of Pediasure milk. Then I would give her Propan TLC.

Even her milk intake has lessened. We got worried so last Saturday, we started withholding milk from her if she would not eat. In the morning we gave her a bottle but she did not finish it. Around 10am, we no longer gave her the remaining milk. We struggled throughout the day and it got to dinnertime and she still refused food. Sigh…Finally, when it was already around 8pm, she did receive some solid food and so we gave her milk. Imagine that! The whole day and she will just control herself.

Sunday was a little better.

Today, Monday, we started her on Propan with Buclizine HCl. It is an appetite stimulant. It is her first day so I am not sure if this supplement is working. Anyway, at least today, she had little lunch, had her dede, then some crackers for afternoon snacks, then dede. I hope she will have dinner again tonight.

I can only pray for her health. Thank God she is not sickly or weak but rather alert and energetic.

I have read about picky eaters and the toddler stage and they say that we really have nothing to worry about because children stop eating when they are full or their body’s nutritional requirements have been met. I am not sure that is the case with Dindin because after all–SHE IS NOT EATING!

It seems that Dindin is controlling her intake whenever she notices that she is gaining weight. I think that she is trying to maintain her weight at 10 kilos only. Sigh…

We will be attending a seminar on Friday about picky eaters sponsored by Abbott. I wonder, will they tell us to just give our kids Pediasure? LOL well, we will find out this Friday at Bob’s. 😀

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