New Underwear

New Underwear

After bathing this morning, I told Dindin that she was going to wear her green dress. She was very happy. She said, “Wow! New blue…errr…green dress!”

Then I took out a green panty with paisley design. Dindin exclaimed, “Nice panty!” I told her that it is nice and green. And I showed her that on the garter, the word “Tuesday” is printed all around. I told her that her panty has the Tuesday word and today is Tuesday, so it is a match. She replied, “Great!” LOL

Earlier today, after I took a bath, I picked out a pair of shorts and then a white shirt. Dindin was watching me. But then I took it off because it felt hot and sticky. It is, after all, a warm day. I changed into a loose gray shirt. Dindin suddenly cried.

I turned to her and she said, “Wear the white shirt” while picking up the white shirt and giving it to me. I told her it is hot and I prefer the gray. But she continued to insist. I was about to give in when her Papa said not to follow her. hehe He said that the shirt is already dirty and needs to be put inside the hamper. haha That did it. Dindin dutifully put the white shirt in the hamper. hay….Spoiler mama.

I can just go on and on with our verbal exchanges.

4 thoughts on “New Underwear

  1. admin Post author

    hay…very much. hehe she really tries to express herself with different vocabulary.

  2. Donna Jane

    Yeah, girls turn out more spoiled to their moms , nice story about the new panty 🙂

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