New Mommy Starter Pack from EQ Diaper

New Mommy Starter Pack from EQ Diaper

New mommy starter pack from EQ.

I went to the website for EQ Diapers ( because I needed the mechanics for their McDonalds birthday party package. We are joining again, hoping to win a McDo party package for Dindin when she turns 5 years old next year. As you can remember, we won a Jollibee party package for Dindin also from EQ Diapers when she was a year old, which is why we were able to celebrate her second birthday at Jollibee. (Read about her 2nd Birthday at Jollibee here). So here’s praying for her 5th birthday party at McDonalds! 😀

But aside from this, I also learned that they have a registry for expectant moms and so I signed up. I completely forgot about it until I got this neat little package today. It is a starter pack for expectant Moms! It came in an exclusive EQ pouch filled with a baby book, a small pack of wipes, two maternity pads, and a couple of newborn diapers! Wow! Now I know that EQ Dry has newborn diapers! They were not yet available when Dindin was born.

So anyway, sharing this with other expectant moms. Visit the EQ website and fill up the necessary information for you to receive your starter pack. This was an early Valentine gift for me. Weeee!

Happy pregnancy, Mommies! 😀

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