New Milk

New Milk

About 2 months ago or so, we started Dindin on Nido Jr. It is way cheaper than Pediasure. Thankfully, she is not allergic to it.

But what we noticed is that she is really constipated. Sometimes, it will take 2-3 days and there is already blood in her stool. I asked a doctor-friend, Dr. Jen Bugna, and she recommended Lactulose (Movelax). We would give a dose or two each day to Dindin, but she is still suffering from really hard bowels. Yesterday, while Dr. Jen, my friend Daphne and I were conferring, I learned that Gianna was also constipated (she’s also on Nido) while Eon (Dr. Bugna’s son) experienced loose bowel movement while on Nido. So they stopped.

That gave me an idea. I thought that maybe Nido was causing her constipation. And so, because it was time to buy her milk, we went to the SM Supermarket and scouted for a cheap brand, comparing prices and also the ingredients. We settled for Alactagrow 1-3. It came in a 1.2kg box. Dindin has taken three bottles already and there is no allergic reaction whatsoever, thank God.

But we are yet to find out if her bowel movements will already normalize with this milk.

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