New Conversations

New Conversations

Dindin: Pretty…Mama. Pretty gid ya!


When she wakes up and in her husky voice:

Dindin: Morning, angel … *referring to an angel chime dangling from our ceiling.


When she was fussing…

Mama: Dindin, you are a happy baby. Hap-py ….ba-by! What is Dindin gani? Happy…???

(while still crying Dindin replied…)

Dindin: Bertday…Nanay…


Mama: We are going to the birthday party of Bella.

Dindin: Umbrella??


I was carrying two grocery bags and two shoulder bags on one side while I carried Dindin on the other side. When we went inside our room, I accidentally hit her pile of toys, making so much noise.

Dindin: Uy! Ano to?


We wanted to put her to sleep, she wanted to watch video. She asked for Elmo but we played the Lullabies by Baby Einstein with music by Brahms. Dindin watched for a while then said,

Dindin: I want Elmo.


When we are carrying her and she wants to go down:

Dindin: Down me na. (nicla! or jejemon?)

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  1. karla

    Ahay, sagad2x na gid ba..pero ang pinka favorite ka ang Happy…bertday..Nanay! hahaha! tarsa nga bata! 😀

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