Nebulizer Fun

Nebulizer Fun

It will take some time for Dindin to get used to things. She is someone who makes sure that something is safe and makes her feel good before using it. And the nebulizer is one of those things.

But now, she has fun while using it. hahaha We use the nebulizer on her whenever she has a cough because she won’t take her oral cough medicines. It is easier this way and so much fun for her. And at least, her cough doesn’t last long.

cough medicationBy the way, just wanted to share with you a couple of photos of what we did last Easter. Dindin has an Easter book that mentions about Easter toys. So I kinda started a tradition that when she wakes up on Easter, she will get to play with a special Easter basket filled with toys that are in rounded containers that simulate Easter eggs. We just buy these stuff and collect them throughout the year. The toys that you see on the picture on the right we bought last year. The only thing added was a colorful egg with legs that jut out.

By the end of the day, these toys are kept and nowhere to be seen again until next Easter. This is our second year of doing this. 😀

On the left is Dindin’s DVBS board. I started this so that we can collect her mementos that she gathered during the last DVBS. I pasted her lessons and crafts projects. The swirly green background is courtesy of Dindin. hehe

easter sunday fun for kids

14 thoughts on “Nebulizer Fun

  1. Mirage

    My son has been in treatment with a nebulizer since he was two…ang hirap sa bata…now he’s a lot better and hopefully it all goes away na 🙂

  2. Pinx

    wow! she is very talented! my son loves the nebulizer too! hehehe. visiting from KID! hope you can visit mine too!

  3. Iris by Shengkay

    Hi mommy LO.Iris visiting here..follow you on GFC too..
    Hoe you can follow me too..
    Visiting from KID..
    My KID .Have a nice day!
    Shengkay Randomness Journal
    Shengkay’s Journal

  4. Keanna

    Good girl! Take care palagi!
    I joined too but a little late. Here’s my KID post . Thank you and see you around!

  5. Bambie ♥

    I think its easier for kids to use nebulizer instead of oral cough meds 🙂 Visiting thru KID 🙂 Have a nice day..

    New follower here

  6. raya

    wow! i miss DVBS sis… wala dito sa Thailand. Besides if meron man, Thai lahat. din2 is blessed to have that strong foundation in the faith!


    I thought she has asthma that’s why she’s using a nebulizer. Holy Week is fast approaching so this tradition of yours will again be in place.

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