My Little Flower Girl

My Little Flower Girl

By this time, Dindin is already 1 year and 7 months. When we were planning for Oliver’s wedding several months ago, we thought that by the time of the event, Dindin would be older and wiser and would be more inclined to obey instructions.

We prepared everything so that Dindin will be in a good mood and follow instructions. The wedding was to be at 1pm. She woke up at 10am, we bathed her, and put her in casual clothes first. Then we went to the hotel where they were preparing and had lunch there. Then it was time for her to get dressed.

Her dress was floor length so she trips on it from time to time. We asked the staff of the couturier to fix the wardrobe malfunction and what she did was to sew the front part of the skirt so that the hem arched up. Cool! I think it was good thinking.


While Dindin’s dressed was being fixed, one of the coordinators came in and distributed flowers for the bridesmaids. Dindin extended her hands and asked, “flower…” She knew she was a flowergirl and therefore needed flowers. The guy said that the flower was outside and he will just come back.

When he did he gave Dindin a small gold bucket filled with flowers. She did not get the flowers immediately but instead asked, “Where are you, flower? Flower, where are you?” I realized that she wanted the bouquet more than the bucket. After all, that was the one she saw first.

On the way to the church, Dindin fell asleep. Oh no! We thought. She slept for awhile. Thankfully, the ceremony started about 30 minutes after 1pm. While the first members of the entourage were already lining up, I was frantically waking up Dindin. And she did. She saw that the surroundings were already different and so she did not go back to sleep.

I showed her the other kids carrying their flowers so she went down and joined them. But she would not carry her basket. While the processional started, I thought of giving her a single rose bud. She accepted it.

The first bigger girls went on their way and I went with her just to guide her where to walk. Dindin was pretty confident when she walked. Then she noticed that there were people on the pew, so she would stop by and say hi and hello. After the second pew, I joined her and urged her to move forward again. But when she started walking, she saw a photographer that bent on her level, so she stopped and posed. hahaha My baby thought she was just walking on the red carpet on a movie awards night! lol Artistahin. When I told her to continue walking, she continued alone way up to the front! She thoroughly enjoyed that long walk on a carpeted floor up to the altar. This 1 year old baby girl became flower girl and walked all the way to the front!

I am so proud of Dindin!


Then she did not stop walking after that. She went around the church several times until she found the other flower girl and played with her. When she went to the other side of a church, she also found a motorcyle toy and played with it on the pew, much to the dismay of the owner (her second cousin Justin). hehe

Her flower girl stint was bathed in prayer. We really prayed hard that Dindin would fulfill her role and she did. Thank you, Lord! And I am proud of you baby! 😀


The reception was a different matter though. I was emcee at the reception but Dindin could not quite comprehend why Mama had to stand up on stage away from her when she needed Mama to be with her. While I was on the podium, she was standing on the side of the wooden riser and crying her heart out. But if I would pick her up, she would hug me and was very silent, like a sleeping baby.

Sometimes we parents think that we have an important thing to do, but for young children, that only means that their parents could not be there for them. I did not scold her for crying. Her young mind could not yet understand the difference between Mama’s responsibility towards other people as opposed to her current need.


Wedding of Oliver Perez and Grace Booc in Cagayan de Oro City
Venue: San Lorenzo Ruiz Filipino-Chinese Catholic Community Formation Center
Reception: Xavier Sports & Country Club, Xavier Estates
Accommodations: Pearlmont Inn
Hotel for Changing: Mallberry Suites

7 thoughts on “My Little Flower Girl

  1. athena

    so so so sweet!!!!!!!!and seeing the photos of you 3 i think you had one of the best times of your lives….
    ti dindin i cant wait to see soon. i really wanted to meet up with u… hopefully in july…
    hugzzzz and loads of kissess

  2. Karla

    ahay, kanami-nami gid sang baby a…hehe..kag ka very pretty gid!!! 😀

  3. shenny

    my goodness gracious!!! amu na ya din! never ka gid paperdi kay mama! hahaha
    mama has all the right to be proud of you! you’re such a very lovely & charming little girl. i’m sure you’ll grow up to be a very wonderful person. tita shen is dying to meet you. muah!!! good work, din!

  4. Maricar

    wow!!! galing galing naman ni budindin… good girl 😀 daw ka dalagang putut gid a!
    and si mama ka pretty pretty man… kag si papa, dwapo dwapo with the new look ba!
    (diin na ang hair? pwede to pahimu wig!)

  5. pepay

    ka cute sg dress niya nang… kag carry niya..haha… kabalo na gid… pretty cya… pa artistahon mo na lang na si din2 nang… haha… kabalo na gid mag socialize… hehe..

  6. Shiela

    Wow. What a unique dress! You guys look great! 🙂 Din2x’s not a baby anymore! Wished I saw you guys last week. Maybe next time 😉

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