My Little Fashion Model

Busha jeggings blue
Dindin is modeling blue Busha jeggings. I like its design–looks like real skinny jeans!

As many of you know, Dindin has a little store online. Read: Dindin Starts Her Own Business. It started with fish crackers and now we have some novelty items that we sell to friends. And we have been selling quite a lot, too. I am not sure how long this will last but we are enjoying it right now. 😀

Anyway, I have these Busha jeggings that I am selling but I don’t have nice pictures of the products from my supplier. Since these are best seen when worn so that buyers will know how they look like, I thought of letting Dindin pose with them. After all, she owns one of each kind. And she loved every bit of the modeling experience that she had. She was also very happy when she saw the layout afterwards. haha

And because this was for business, I paid her P5 for the effort–just for the thought of it. So because of the payment that may be considered remuneration, she may now be considered a professional model. LOL At least modeling for Mama. She also got to decide what she would do with the payment. She said that she would add it to her savings for the Strawberry Shortcake toy that she wanted to buy. haha I must say–This child has a goal!

pink Busha jeggings
Dindin in pink Busha jeggings.

Anyway, I hope we can sell all the jeggings and earn from them. 😀 This is going to be a fun Christmas for Dindin because she is earning from her little business. hihi Hope we can continue doing this so that early on, the idea of enterprise will be instilled on Dindin. 😀 At least, she is not just thinking about buying…but more like selling or making money during Christmas! weeeeee


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