Mustela: Caring for Babies, Mothers, and Mothers to Be

Mustela: Caring for Babies, Mothers, and Mothers to Be

When we become mothers, it seems that our antennae gets more sharpened. Our protective instincts towards our young are impeccable. From the time they wake up and even until they are sleeping, our consciousness hovers over them like a security bubble. We protect them from insects, injury, and people who might hurt them.

It is no wonder that we also become very picky with the products that we use. From the small personal hygiene items to the grander scale of home care products, we try to read every label and research on the ingredients that we cannot understand.

Mustela–caring for the sensitive skin of babies, mothers, and mothers-to-be for more than six decades.

It is with this careful consideration to mothers and their instincts that Mustela has developed its skincare line. Having been around since 1950, the company has dedicated itself to constant research and innovation in the field of skincare in order to offer only the best formulas that can address the delicate skin of newborns, babies, children, mothers-to-be, and the new mothers. All their products are safe, tested, and proven effective.

Products from Mustela Philippines.

I got this bunch of products to try from Mustela Philippines and I am so glad that I was able to try them on my baby and myself. Yeah, always on the lookout for the gentlest products for baby and me. 😀

Mustela Bébé products.

Mustela Bébé

Special mention from me would be their baby skin care products marketed under Mustela Bébé. I understand that this line of baby products have been reformulated and improved. All of their lines contain the patented active ingredient called Avocado Perseose® that reportedly works in perfect harmony with the skin, as it safeguards the skin’s wealth of mother cells and strengthens the cutaneous barrier in babies.

I would highly recommend the Mustela Bébé Dermo-cleansing Soap-free Body Wash that is paraben-free, phtalate-free, phenoxyethanol-free. These three chemicals are very harmful to humans, much more to newborns. But these can be found in some popular skin care brands for babies. With Mustela, I also love the mildly sweet, natural baby scent that kind of enhances my baby’s natural scent. Oh how I love giving her baths and enjoying smelling her afterwards. And she still smelled good when I am about to give her another bath when night time comes. 😀

Supplement this baby wash with the Mustela Hydra Bébé® Body lotion to moisturize baby’s skin. While Shane is still a baby, her skin is actually very dry and has large pores. I kept using the body lotion on her, especially the legs. And I think there is much improvement on her skin. It has become more supple. Though her skin is still not normal, it is not very dry anymore.

My seal of approval: Mustela Stretch Marks

Mustela 9 Months – Skin Care for new and expectant moms

When we are pregnant, we give up a lot of things, and most especially our favorite skin care products because some of the things that we use contain chemical that are harmful for the unborn in our womb. Mustela has developed this range for new and expectant mothers that target specifically the things that make us uncomfortable, such as the legs, the bust, and of course, our tight tummies (which will eventually sag when we give birth). I especially love Mustela Stretch Marks! I don’t really have a lot of stretch marks even after two kids, just a few waves around my navel and on my lower abdomen. And they’re not really deep, too. But I used this product from Mustela and after about four uses, I noticed that my stretch marks have sort of “relaxed.” I believe that if women will use this religiously while they are still pregnant and up to a few months after giving birth, they will actually be free of stretch marks. I think that this is a powerful product! My stretch marks are still there because I ran out of supply and this is not readily available where I live, but I highly recommend this,

While people may say that Mustela products are a bit pricey, they are value for money. And since kids don’t need a lot of products used on them, a bottle of Mustela will already go a long way. I just wish they would have more outlets nationwide! 😀

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