Musical Inchworm from

Musical Inchworm from

Shane after her bath, listening to the music from the musical inchworm.

Last time, I discovered an online store called selling toys for infants. I was about to give birth then, having labor pains already, but since the owners were always online, I was able to take my pick and while I was at the hospital, hubby paid for them. So when we were released from the hospital, my orders arrived on the same day. Weee! Hurray for online shopping! 😀

One of the things that I got was this Lamaze musical inchworm and it is just so nice. Even Dindin likes it and she gave him the name John, so we have established that the inchworm is a boy. LOL Every morning, after bath, Shane would like down beside the toy and then I would turn on the music. It is quite short, just like her attention span, so it is just as well. And she would spend minutes just looking at the colorful toy as she still could not grab it. I ordered two other colorful plush toys that I think would help in stimulating early learning for Shane. 😀

I so like this. I said that I would limit the sharing of Shane’s photos online, but she just looks cute in these that I can’t help but share them. Taken on her 8th day. 😀

After a few minutes, Shane started nibbling on John. LOL She looks so cute!

By the way, I just want to announce that is the sponsor of our next giveaway. She will be including the Lamaze inchworm as one of the prizes and she will be giving away a couple of other items. 😀 So stay tuned for this exciting giveaway. hihi I am so excited to be holding this one. 😀


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    I want ♥ I would love to have that ♥

    I’ll surely wait for that giveaways ♥

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