Musical Hangout

Musical Hangout

Every thing is a learning opportunity for Dindin. Last time, we were malling at SM and we passed by the bridge way where there was a Casio shop selling keyboards.

There was a unit there with keys that light up. It was actually for beginners so that you can just follow the light and learn to play a song. Dindin could barely reach up the keyboard but she tried and looked like a pro player of a casio keyboard! Too bad the place was small so I did not have space to maneuver and take a nice photo of her.

Dindin is really quite musical. She seems to like percussion instruments. But lately, she developed a liking for the guitar and keyboard. We will never really know unless we send her to get some training. We will see.

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    Children who are musically inclined should be given some really serious training. I want my nephew to learn how to play the guitar.

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