Mounting Picture Frames on a Photo Wall Using 3M Double-Sided Bonding Tape

Mounting Picture Frames on a Photo Wall Using 3M Double-Sided Bonding Tape

Like any other mom, I am very much into taking photos of my children. But aside from posting them on social media sites for our friends and relatives to see, I have our photos printed for the family photo album.

However, I have also chosen some memorable shots like family portraits that I wanted framed and hanged on the wall. I don’t want the frames on the table because they take up too much space. The surfaces can still be used for other functions like writing or stuff on. So on the wall they should go.

Our photo wall. The space on the upper left is reserved for Shane’s solo picture when she turns 5. 😀 And oh, I need to find space for our wedding picture.

Several months ago, I already bought picture frames of different sizes and put the selected photos in them. Then I cleared one wall that I have appointed as our official family photo wall. But weeks have passed and we still haven’t mounted the frames, even though I already solicited my husband’s and our make employee’s help.

You see, I used different kinds of frames just for variety. And all the ways that we thought of in order to mount the frames just did not work. I wanted something fuss-free and something that I can easily do again if I have more pictures to hang. Then hubby suggested 3M Double-Sided Tape. And I’m like, “What? Tape?” I wanted something stable but he assured me that 3M Double-Sided Tape will do the job just fine. And I am glad that I did. The only tricky part was removing the backing because the tape is really sticky. But when you have removed all the backings, you can easily stick the frame on the wall.

3M Double-Sided Tape may be more expensive than other double-sided tapes, but it only takes a small length to mount your frame. This is opposed to putting tape all over the entire area of the frame just to make sure that it doesn’t fall. And you still feel that it’s bound to fall anytime. But with 3M tape, you feel secure. So this is worth it. I trust that 3M Double-Sided Tape will hold our frames secure.


1. You will need your 3M tape, scissors, and tweezers.

Things you will need.

2. Cut small sizes of tape and place them strategically at the corners of the frame. For 8R frames, you may need to put one in each corner. But for smaller frames, 3 cuts will do.

For smaller frames, you just three cuts.

3. Using the tweezers remove the paper backing. This can be pretty tricky and time-consuming. But that is okay because that means that the tape is really sticky.

Tweezers are a big help in removing the paper backing.

4. Position the frame on where you want to place it. Ask somebody to help you straighten it because once you stuck it, you can no longer remove it without damaging something.

Make sure that the frame is straight before you press on it.

And that’s it! So easy, huh? By the way, I had to remove these wooden stands at the back of the frames so that the back is flat and the surface is even. You may also use the tape for pretty much all kinds of frames, even those bigger sizes.

I had to discard these because otherwise the back surface of the frame will be uneven.

Note: The author did not receive compensation nor free items to review. This review was written in order to let people know that they have an alternative in mounting their pictures frames.

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