Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day Gift

Well, it doesn’t mean that because Dindin is still a baby that I have not gotten a Mother’s Day gift. hehe My second mother’s day celebration is truly a special one.

My husband made one for me!!! He made me a bracelet, a Mommy Bracelet, made of plastic beads. What I really appreciate was the thought and the effort that he put into it. It was really unique and how I really wish that I can post a photo here for all the world to see. Hmmm…Maybe I will borrow a cam again and take a photo so that I can upload it. I am really happy with it and I proudly wear it. The bracelet has block letters that have been formed in three lines. The words say, “Dindin Love Mama”. But when you flip it, it says “Mama Love Dindin”. It is just sooo sweet.

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I was able to borrow a camera from my sister-in-law Gigi and well here it is. Here is the Mommy Bracelet that I have been raving about. 😀 Isn’t it sweet?

mommy bracelet

And with the rest of the beads, I made a necklace for Dindin, which she also truly likes. It has her name on it. 😀dindin necklace

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