Mother’s Day 2010

Mother’s Day 2010

This is my second Mother’s Day Celebration as a Mom. Last year, our church gave out fans and I still have it until now. Once, I thought it was lost, I really looked for it because it is my remembrance of Mother’s Day last.

Anyway, I read in the book, “The Mother-Daughter Legacy” by Carole Lewis and Cara Symank, about the different legacies that moms can leave their daughters. Ms. Lewis mentioned that Moms may be doing a good job at being mothers if at a young age, their daughters seem to want to become moms themselves. They might try to follow what you do or what you say that personifies your role as a Mom in the home.

I know for a fact that I am not a perfect Mom. I try to give my best to my child, but I also fall short in many areas. But I also know for fact that my baby seems to be like a mini-me. Yeah, at first glance, you wouldn’t see my reflection in her countenance, but much of her personality she has inherited from me. And it doesn’t matter if we are both sweating or she has to strongly hold on to my clothes for fear of falling, as long as we are together, she is already contented. She looks at me when I am dressing and she tries to follow me, too. She wants to be seen carrying around a bag because she has seen me do so. When I brush her hair, she would take the brush from me and brush my hair, too. When I would feed her, she would sometimes hold a morsel and feed her Papa and me. And she would really look at us intently as we chew on what she had given us. Then she would smile, as if very happy to have served us.

But the most important thing is, the day after her first birthday, she fed her three dolls. She had a smaller doll when she was younger but it did not come with a feeding bottle. The two new dolls that she got for her birthday came with their own small bottles and so she fed each one of them. And every morning since then, she would ask for her babies and feed them. Yeah, she calls them “Bi-bis…” Then when I would give the dolls to her, she would ask “Didi ya?”

dindin feeding her babies

I am not sure if I am doing a good job on Dindin but she seems to be trying to follow my example of caring for her. Now, that is one of the legacies that I want to leave with her–the legacy of motherhood. I have chosen to be a stay at home mom because I want to leave a lot of things to my daughter as she grows up. And not just material things, but memories of fun, laughter, friendship, work, studies, etc. I am just thankful that I am given the opportunity to do so. I know that many moms out there also want to spend more time with their children but could not because of one reason or the other. I, too, need to work, but by God’s grace my work allows me to stay home most of the time. So I get to work when it is Dindin’s sleeping time or video time.

These are just some thoughts I doodled for Mother’s Day. To all hardworking and loving Moms out there who would give everything for their children, Happy Happy Mothers’ Day and every day of your lives. God bless us all!

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