More Witticisms

More Witticisms

Papa and Dindin were playing in the bedroom. Papa was building towers while Dindin got busy toppling them down. She was squealing with delight. When I went inside the room, I heard her say, “That was fun. Let’s do it again.” hahaha

Dindin also exhibits really good manners. She says, “Please”, “Thank you”, “Sorry” and “You’re welcome” at appropriate times. And with her British accent, she sounds like royalty.

When we photograph here in a new outfit, Dindin would pose. But she would say when she will pose, when she will smile, and when she will pose but not smile. Tsk. Tsk. We just can’t force her. haha

2 thoughts on “More Witticisms

  1. Pepay

    Hahaha! Siya pa gd ya ga hambal when ma pose kag ma smile.. Haha… Saja… Ahay nang.. My fondness of dindin is growing lang gid ya.. Kag i cant wait to see her… Baby pa gd cya sg last ko na kita cya..

  2. admin Post author

    hihihih when u will see her again, almost 3 years old na xa. thanks for loving her pay. :d

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