More Mangoes for Summer!

More Mangoes for Summer!

Left, Papa and Dindin are started in front of the body of our mango tree at my parents’ house in Tangub. It is already quite old, hence the big trunk. But it has not grown very tall because since it was small, my father kept pruning the top part so that it will only grow sideways and the fruits will be easier to pick.

With that the leaves of this singular mango tree in the middle of our lot has grown sideways with its leaves like a thick Afro mane. But it really has lots of fruits whenever it is summer time. Last year, Dindin had a photo here where she was touching the young fruits that were just dangling all over.

This photo was taken last weekend when we were there and the fruits are still very small. Give it a month and they will all grow big. I am not sure if this tree is an african mango–all I know is that it bears big fruits with small seeds so you get to eat the fleshy fruit inside!

By the way, if you notice the photo on the right, this mango tree’s leaves are extending much to give shade to our house we can even have meals under it. It is pretty awesome to have it in the middle of our garden!

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