More Complicated

More Complicated

Dindin is starting to get more complicated in her sentence construction. Today, we went to Trinity Christian School. It is a Saturday so there are no classes. We had a picnic at their covered court. Thankfully, the guard knew us so he let us in.

When we stepped into the covered court, Dindin said, “It’s init.” Because some of the rays of the sun were seeping in. Fine.

After playing, we sat down to it (or at least Papa and Mama did). Dindin watched the ants go by. Then she blurted, “Gross!” We were like, “What did you say?” She said, “Gross.” We asked, “What does that mean?” She said, “Ewww. Yuck. Dirty. Icky.”

Whaaat? As if we did not understand what gross meant that she had to explain it! But where did she hear it? We don’t usually use gross. We just tell her it’s dirty or an dzam in Chinese. Gee.

Then we went to Gaisano City. While we were browsing through the toys, she suddenly blurted, “Awesome!” Awesome pa gid ya bi? Weeeeeeee

Last night, we played with her plastic toys that had velcro in the middle so you can cut them in half. Dindin was talking to herself when I heard her say?

Dindin: Dindin, what are you doing? I…a…slicing pineapple.

Awww…I am not sure if I heard her right about the “a” or was it “am”. But whatever she said, she sure is getting better with her vocabulary and sentence construction.

Last time, she also asked her aunt, “Koko where are you going?” Or she would use the word “Another”, like when she said, “Eggplant. Another eggplant.”

She actually says a lot of things already that I couldn’t keep track of them anymore. hehe

Last night, I was thinking…all the baby toys that she had, I said that it doesn’t take long for a baby to use them. It was like, she was done with rattles and teethers and was ready to hit the books. Dennis was saying, because she matured rather quite fast. She wanted more challenge, and rattles were just not challenging enough for her. hehehe

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