Mommy Day Out by Sun Life
Mommies need to rest and relax, too.

Ever experienced stress lately? I have that every day. hahaha It seems it’s my staple meal. And just like me, you need to take a break! Well, as a mom, it sure is funny to hear those words coming from other people but trust me, you need to.

Keeping things in balance isn’t that easy. From this type of work to that, we tend to forget ourselves in the process. Little did we know that the more we strive to make things work and balance everything, we forget taking care of ourselves which can lead to imbalanced motherhood.

It was a fine afternoon when we attended Sun Life’s exclusive event for moms which is the Mom’s Day Out. From the event itself, kids are not allowed this time. It sure was a really tough decision not to bring the kids with you, as I am used to bringing them around. But as soon as we reached the venue, there I finally understood why it is exclusive for moms only.

Sun Life Mom's Day Out
Mom’s Day out

We had a relaxing treat at the Spa, which is courtesy of Sun Life. And it was indeed a Mom’s Day Out! Right after the treat, we then moved to the venue to have the listen to the talk official event. Speakers for the different topics were from Manila. We met Mrs. Michele Alignay, who tackled about Balanced Motherhood and Mrs. Rosario Rivera for financial literacy.

Mrs. Alignay shared to us how important it is to have a balanced motherhood and how it plays a major role towards managing a family. For all we know, it is definitely hard to manage everything and sometimes, we feel overwhelmed of what’s going on around us. If you ever experienced stress, there’s only one thing you need and that is to rebalance. There are a lot of ways how to rebalance. What you should keep in mind is that never limit yourself towards what makes your happy so you can influence the ones around you too.

In connection with the talk about balancing, Mrs. Rivera also discussed about the importance of financial freedom. This sure is very essential to moms since aside from tasks we do, budgeting is also part of our duties. And the speaker cheerfully shared to us moms how to spend and save wisely. I am sure that we all aware of the formula to a practical financial management, and that is:

Earnings – Savings = Expenses

Sun Life
Prepare your family’s future.

Pretty sure it is quite difficult to maintain this formula but if you are a mom, it is really important to keep in mind that our family’s future should never be compromised. And that’s what Sun Life wants to assure us by introducing the MyFuture Funds. It actually doesn’t take much. For as low as Php39.00, you sure can already start preparing and securing your child’s future.

To learn more about this new product, just visit Sun Life’s official FB page at or on IG at

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