Missing SM

Missing SM

Dindin had been sick many times since March. Eventually, we decided to quarantine her so we stayed in the house most of the time. We avoided going to parties and taking her to the mall. If we went to the grocery, she was left at home or in the care of her Nanay and Tatay.

If we did go out, we would go to BREDCO or to her Nanay’s house in Tangub. We have not even gone to church for five Sundays.

Last Sunday, we already went to church. And today, we had to buy something at SM and she went with us. From the time she set foot on the floor, she went around inspecting clothes, toys, and shoes. When she saw Dora at the Toys section, she shouted “Dora, Dora, Dora!”

dindin at sm

We just let her. After all, she doesn’t get things from the shelf. She just looks around or touches the merchandise but she does not get them nor bring them around. Sometimes she would check out something that she likes and also look at the price tag. The salesclerks were so amused with her. She is well-behaved. So we trust her.

But then she found a toy radio on display. She pushed the button and it played music. So she danced. Of course we did not buy the radio. She just enjoyed the music it produces. See the video. πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “Missing SM

  1. Maricar

    baw… hidlaw hidlaw gid SM si Budin ba! πŸ™‚ te dapat sickness go away na and never come back pra come back to SM ka din ha… Miss you baby…

  2. eclaire

    har har! cute cute kay dancing din din with her matching pointing fingers πŸ™‚ hehe this video made me smile eventhough its a short one πŸ™‚

  3. admin Post author

    hehe gani man 2-chim. today dindin went with us man at the ministry center for the baby shower of mimi and irish. pero dasig lang kami. may baho pinta. paranoid na si mama. hehehe

  4. pepay

    she checks price tags?? haha! mayo gid…

    lingaw sa iya nang…. as in.. work from home ko subong..i just took an fb break… and i got stress relieved by badin… haha..

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