Missing Her Cousins

swimming with cousins
Dindin had fun swimming with her cousins

Dindin is definitely missing her cousins, Ahya EJ and Meimei. Despite arguing with Meimei a lot, she does miss her.

The other day, she looked at her Papa and said, “I’m Meimei.” Papa asked her, “What?” To which she replied, “I’m Meimei. You’re Ahya…” Awww…she is already pretending to be Meimei and her Papa is EJ.

Well, the most that they can do now is to chat through video and then to look at pictures on Facebook. Thankfully, there are free video conferencing services that we can make use online. That should do until we see them again in December for a grand reunion along with other cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

They are in China and we are here. But hopefully, we can also visit them soon. 😀 Teehee..Okay, I am dreaming. Of China…Shanghai and Beijing! Weeeeeeeeeee


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