Minimal Christmas Decorations

Minimal Christmas Decorations

This year, we have minimal Christmas decorations because of so many reasons.

1. We did not have a lot of time to prepare.
2. We do not have a lot of available space because there are just so much stuff lying around.
3. We do not want to go through the motions of cleaning the decors and packing them after the holidays.

But I do envy the Table top displays at the house of Dennis’ aunt. They are gorgeous! And she keeps them immaculately clean. Now that is something I cannot do even if I want to because I just don’t have the time. LOL

So this year, we had put up three small Christmas trees in the living room where we put our gifts. Then my mother-in-law bought small lanterns to hang near our dining. In our bedroom, we hang a stocking and a “Christmas decoration that says ‘Merry Christmas’!” At least, that is how Dindin describes it. LOL

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