Miniature Pet Dogs

Miniature Pet Dogs

Dindin and her low-maintenance pets. teehee

G.P. — As I have said before, I don’t like pets. I mean they are cute, but they are too much to take care of. And I don’t like their smell either. When I was younger, we do have dogs, but mainly as guards for the house to ward off intruders.

Right now, the only two dogs in the house smell so bad that I don’t want to go near them. I have allergic rhinitis and someone or something with fur is the last thing that I need.

But I also want Dindin to be exposed to different dogs so we got her some miniature toy dogs that were on sale at Toy Kingdom. hihihi We bought her a few sets plus a dog house and all in all, it costs us only about P500. And thanks to all the gift certificates, we only shelled out about P100 from our own pocket. And she was very happy to take care of them. teehee

At least with these dogs, we don’t have to worry about feeding them, bathing them, or buying stuff for them. I would not need to buy a shock collar or read dog shock collar reviews. haha I know that this is not like the real thing. But well, works well for all of us. LOL

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