Milk and Vitamins

Milk and Vitamins

At this point, I just want to record here at Dindin is taking the following for her formula milk:
Two (2) servings of Pediasure
Two-Three (2-3) servings of Nido mixed with Cerelac with Rice and Soya
Her vitamin supplement is Cherifer Forte with Zinc.

Next month, it may be different. I may go back to giving her GainPlus and then Birch Tree. Her vitamins may be Propan. Not sure yet.

I dunno. It is not really a belief, but I just keep changing brands for Dindin’s products. I just think that something loses its effectiveness if you use it long enough. Maybe it is just me. hehe So this is not an advice, it is just something I am recording.

Dindin will become 2 years and a half on September 11–another 9/11 anniversary.

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