Messy, Colorful Weekend

Messy, Colorful Weekend

PhotobucketLast weekend, I opened our craft box because we wanted to play with clay. But I saw our face crayons and asked Dindin if she wanted to play “painted faces.” And she did. So I drew a cat/tiger on her face. After that, I drew a butterfly on mine and a puppy on Papa’s face. But I will share our family pic this coming Monday yet for my family time entry. By the way, I just want to mention that I did not color her hands blue. I did not exactly know what she did but the stamp pad was already open.

After the face painting session, Dindin went to the store and pose by the display window. She likes posing here, like in her superhero photography. She loved the fact that there were lots of display racks at the store because she could see her painted face everywhere. Everyone would call her a cat, but she would correct them that she is a tiger, because that is what I told her. LOL

When we went to our room again, we played with more artsy stuff, like coloring and drawing. This time, she did it with her Papa. We did not go out last Saturday because we were busy but Dindin still enjoyed the day because we spent a lot of our time goofing off. heehee
PhotobucketI just allow Dindin to be “dirty” this way because I think that is part of the learning process. She does not only get to “see” things but she also gets to “feel” them. I also let her understand that she doesn’t wipe her hands on her dress or our sheets but that we have to wash her hands. And she is very careful not to soil anything. We just took a bath that evening and Dindin was all “clean” again. She was happy to be messy. hehe

6 thoughts on “Messy, Colorful Weekend

  1. Ate Keanna

    Face painting is really fun even if it will look a little messy. Dindin is so game and so as her daddy. hihi! I’m glad you’re having fun joining our meme. Happy weekend!

  2. Mona

    cute naman… my daughter loves face painting as well
    my first time to join this meme hope you can visit me,, thanks

  3. Iris by Shengkay

    Want to try that if medyo malaki na si Iris.. looks fun..
    Visiting from Messy Go messy is HERE..
    Inviting you to join Mama Shengkay Orange Tuesdays open today till Saturday..

  4. Bette

    wow! what a colorful mess!!! lovely pictures!!!

    Check out my messy treat here!

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