Mama Moments Collection

Mama Moments Collection

I thought of this meme because this blog is entitled “Lovingly Mama.” I would like to have a collection of our Lovingly Mama Moments with our kiddos. These moments can be funny or poignant, but as long as you have photos and a story with your children, you can join. I am sure your Mama Blogs are full of them so just grab my button and join this meme.

This is going to be a weekly thing, to be open from Tuesday-Thursday, but since this is my first time, I am excited and would want to launch it today. hehe On succeeding Mama Moments, it will be between Tuesdays-Thursdays only. 😀

I bet you know the rules already, but just a refresher:

1. Post a photo and write a story about your Mama moment.

2. Grab my button and include in your post (look for it on my sidebar).

3. Put your link in my collection (inlinkz).

4. Visit other listed blogs and make sensible comments.

Sounds fair enough? God bless all Mamas! We may not be a rare breed, but surely a high breed! haha

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5 thoughts on “Mama Moments Collection

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  2. tejan

    the same with me, like mommy willa.. my family blog is coming anyway so maybe next week.. any difference with mommy moments?..wala lng siguro itong topic2x no? hmm..thanks for inviting!godbless!

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