Mama is in California

Mama is in California

Just something that Dennis related because obviously, I wasn’t around.

Dindin: Papa, where’s Mama?
Papa: Mama’s at the store?
Dindin: No! Papa, where’s Mama?
Papa: Mama’s at the …. (waiting for Dindin to finish the sentence)
Dindin: No! Where’s Mama?
Papa: Where’s Mama?
Dindin: Mama is (in) California.

So, guess where I am? hahahaha

Dindin: Mama, can you get Cassie? (her Baby Alive doll)
Mama: Okay baby…(while kissing)
Dindin: Don’t kiss my neck, Mama!
Mama: Okay, then you cannot have Cassie. (going back to my chair)

I went back to work without noticing her when I felt two hands reaching up to my arms. I heard Dindin mumble something, then she said, “mwah!” while kissing my shoulders. Then she said, “There.” hahahah

So that got Mama to stand up and get Cassie for her. LOL

3 thoughts on “Mama is in California

  1. Pepay

    Hahahha… Nag bakasyon ka gle sa california nang.. Haha… Sweet girl gd ya si dindin..

  2. admin Post author

    yeah, you know sometimes, i spend overnight in california. hahaha

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