Making Paper Dolls, Paper Boats et al

Making Paper Dolls, Paper Boats et al

Whenever we have the time (so which is not all the time because Papa and Mama are also busy), we engage Dindin in doing crafts. That night, Papa, Mama and Dindin folded paper to produce paper boats, airplanes, hats, and canoes. Suddenly, Dindin looked for Dora. We wondered why. When she found Dora under all her toys, she put her in the canoe. It was then we understood. Because earlier that evening, while we were still folding, she wanted to ride the boat but she soon found out that she couldn’t fit in there.

So instead, she looked for Dora because she knew that only her small Dora doll can fit in the canoe. Smart girl! Analysis!

arts and crafts projects for kidsAfter the paper folding, we cut some paper to make paper dolls, clouds and grass. Then we took out her finger paints and colored them all. The end result was–these paper items were pasted on a nice board and put up on the wall. πŸ˜€

11 thoughts on “Making Paper Dolls, Paper Boats et al

  1. chubskulit

    Such a fun activity for your pretty miss.

    Relaxing Walk, have a safe and great weekend!

  2. mixed catcher

    Nice and surely a fun activity for kids and adult alike!

    I hope you can take a look at my PINK Tulips and a Spring Poem. Have a beautiful weekend! πŸ™‚

  3. pepay

    ka saja..damo ko d punchers kag papers…hehe… pwd na lng ko ka yaya kay din2 nang? haha…

  4. Lainy

    Oh WOW! I used to envy the little kiddos in our neighborhood when I was still the same age as Din Din. Ang galing-galing nilang gumawa ng paper dolls eh ako nakatunganga lang, walang alam, LOL!

    Suerte ni Din Din. She has the guidance of Ma and Pa πŸ˜‰

  5. anne

    Can I learn that too? That is so interesting for the kids to learn as well

  6. cheerful

    doing crafts with the kids is fun and we love it, too…yes, i’m sure she’s smart! visiting late from PF, sorry! wishing you a great week. πŸ™‚

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