Making Beautiful Music Together

A girl band in the making? Or a worship team? We will see. But I think that these two will be together in it.

Dindin and Yanna are playmates, together with their other friend Buday. Their parents are good friends of ours. But while Buday is a peaceful friend to play with, these two are always bickering and shouting at each other. As in. It can be grating to my ears. Sometimes, after we break them up, it will only take another five minutes for them to start going after each other again. waaaaa

But despite that, Dindin still calls Yanna her “true friend.” I am not sure why but well, that is fine. Or maybe Yanna is her most memorable friend because of their fights. She even has nightmares about Yanna that Dindin wakes up crying. haha And I guess that when they are older and more mature, they will just consider their cat fights silly when they will look back. I am just glad that we have a group of friends who have children who are about the same age as our Dindin with whom she can grow up with. After all, this is just child’s play and will mold their character.

Dindin is musically inclined and her inclination seems to be to sing and play at least one instrument, which could be the drums or a guitar. She might need a top capo for that purpose, but we will see. For now, we just let her play with whatever musical instrument she can get her hands on–real or otherwise.

In the photo above, Yanna got behind the drum set after one Sunday morning worship service. And then Dindin looked for a microphone and started singing. That just got me to thinking that they will someday make beautiful music together with Buday. 😀

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