Making a Funny Face

Making a Funny Face

funny face

Making a funny face is a game that we always play. 😀

This is Dindin’s version of a funny face. When you ask her to do a “funny face”, she will put her lips to the side and then wiggle her fingers. Yeah, notice the hand gestures, that is part of it. I think it is both cute and funny. Okay, I mean more cute. haha

Then we would laugh at her. So she now has a second funny face. She is kinda getting the fact that it is not silly but cute. So now, she tries to stick her tongue out. LOL

Anyway, making a funny face is a game that we always play. Sometimes, we turn off the lights and turn on the flashlight, so we make a “Flashlight Funny Face”. We got that concept from the show, Ni Hao Kai Lan.

5 thoughts on “Making a Funny Face

  1. Divine C.

    Surprisingly, kids nowadays are cheerful and smarter than we expected. Dindin is soooo cute! I bet, when you saw her doing that, you forgot how tired you are that day. Good work Dindin for helping Mom to lighten up her day!

  2. parenting and babies

    she sure knows how to make an impression and her smile is captivating. thanks for the visit sis and thank you for being a friend :0

  3. Shengkay

    I agree kids are smarter now.
    In my case when time to picture picture Iris would close her eyes..
    parang nag papa beautiful eyes..kaya ayun..pagclick ang mata sara..

  4. Donna Jane

    Funny face ? hmm the same with face dance I think – “Face Dance” from Show time 🙂 love seeing pictures of this face dance or funny face in the web.

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