Review: Make Swish a Part of Your Oral Health to Prevent Dental Problems

Review: Make Swish a Part of Your Oral Health to Prevent Dental Problems

Swish products form Unilab.

Hubby and I are both users of Swish, both of the mouthwash and the breath spray, which we have in our bag so that we can use it when we are out and could not brush our teeth. It is a nice instant breath freshener that tastes good and is very affordable.

But despite my being squeamish about oral health, there are really times when I sometimes slack in flossing or I just completely skip brushing because the kids are demanding my undivided attention so brushing (and even peeing) times are delayed. When these instances happen several days in a row, I would notice that my gums would feel soft and sore. When I floss after brushing, some areas would bleed really bad. I would then wash my mouth by gargling with water and then Swish Mouthwash. I let it stay around my mouth for about a minute and then spit it out. The bleeding usually stops and then my mouth would feel fresh again. After a while, I would notice that the soreness is gone.

That is because Swish kills the bacteria in the mouth that causes gum problems and eventually tooth decay. And even if it is strong, Swish is alcohol-free, so it does not sting. I remember that when I moved in here with my husband, he already had a bottle of mouthwash in the bathroom. Because I was not able to bring mine, I used what he had and my eyes watered because of how strong it was, despite being diluted! We finished that bottle because it was a waste throwing it away, but it sure was a hellish time and we never bought it again! Ugh!

The cute little pouch.

Flavors of Swish
I actually thought that Swish had different variants for just the flavor. I did not know that each flavor represents how strong the minty flavor is. Here are the flavors of Swish:

Icy Choco Mint (Gentle Mint)
Mangosteen Mint (Mild Mint)
Peppermint Fresh (Strong Mint)
Cinnamon Blast (Super Strong Mint)
Arctic Circle (Intensely Strong Mint)

Swish is also known for flavors that are not conventional. Actually, when they released Mangosteen Mint and Cinnamon Blast, I thought to myself, “No way am I gonna try this.” These flavors were not usually associated with mouthwash and so I thought, “Why would I use mouthwash that tasted like food?” That is not my idea of clean breath.

But my husband was willing to try Mangosteen Mint and so we bought a bottle. Guess what? I actually loved it! I loved how they translated the fruity flavor of Mangosteen into a mild minty mouthwash. haha I literally ate my words!

A couple of months ago, they had a Buy 1 Take 1 promo at Robinsons. The free bottle is the Icy Choco Mint. I love mint in my chocolate but in a mouthwash? Well, it was free and why not? Again, I loved it! hahaha The only flavor I haven’t tried is the Cinnamon Blast. I can’t get myself to buy it. Maybe next time when there is a promo.

Swish is a proven and effective mouthwash brand for our family. Even Dindin uses the breath spray sometimes–she just likes it that her breath is fresh. So make Swish a part of your routine for overall dental health.

Swish is a quality product of Unilab.

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