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Make Happy-Happy Happen With Enervon Christmas Giveaway

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Two lucky readers of Lovingly Mama will win a gift pack each from Unilab. πŸ˜€

Update: Winners!

Christmas is just around the bend and many of us are already rushing–rushing to buy Christmas presents, new outfits for Christmas parties, ingredients for our menu, practicing for our special numbers, and pretty much anything and everything pertaining to Christmas. Add to that the many weddings and christenings happening during the holidays and everything can be pretty hectic.

With everything that is happening in December, we need lots of energy to make things happen–including being happy during these events and not sick or stressed out. We need a vitamin and mineral supplement that will help us not only during the holidays but also in our everyday lives.

This is where Enervon comes in. It is a vitamin and mineral supplement from Unilab that ensures adults of “optimum energy and increased body resistance against common sicknesses. Its combination of B-Complex Vitamins (that) help optimize food into energy, while Vitamin C aids (in the) body’s natural defense. And since it is made by Unilab, we know this multivitamin brand can be trusted. πŸ˜€

So this Christmas, who wouldn’t want an Enervon gift pack? Join this Rafflecopter-powered giveaway below. Open only to Philippine residents and those with Philippine mailing addresses. Unilab will be responsible for mailing the prizes. Giveaway period is from December 1-20, 2013.


Spread the love
  • 231

Loving Mama

Sigrid - Bacolod Blogger
Sigrid is a work at home mom and Bacolod blogger who tries to juggle taking care of the kids, homeschooling in Bacolod, covering events, designing, writing, and blogging. After finishing her degree in Mass Communications from the University of St. La Salle, she went on to become a news reporter/writer for a local daily and eventually pursued a career in advertising as a copywriter and graphics designer. After her stint in the corporate world, she became a freelance writer, contributing to national and international publications covering a variety of topics. She was a contributing food writer to COOK Magazine before she became a food and mommy blogger. She blogs at:

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  1. Rhonda K says:

    I have a ton of things that make me happy, but my family is always going to be the #1 thing in this world to make me smile. We have a huge family and family gatherings are full of love and smiles!

  2. Nerissa Marin says:

    What makes me happy is seeing my family all well and healthy. Providing everything they need. And for me to be stress and sickness free ☺

  3. Mary Joy says:

    What makes me happy is seeing my kids growing up happy and very active in school. Having them everyday is a big happiness that no one can replace.

  4. Bernadette Zareno-Balino says:

    I’m happy and contented to have a complete family but I would be more happier if God grants our prayers to have an angel, this would be our precious gift this Christmas.

  5. maricris abarabar says:

    My family makes me happy. Having a healthy husband and 2 kids makes me more happy and have more energy to take care of them.

  6. Maria May Ochea says:

    My son always makes me happy. Before i sleep & after i wake up he’s the only person who makes me smile. He’s my strength, my inspiration & my happiness! <3

  7. ANA Darato says:

    My Family and God is the reason why i am always happy,coz they gave me strenght and long life and healthy body!!

  8. ANA Darato says:

    I will be working abroad to support my family needs

  9. Ann Cagalingan says:

    What makes you Happy?.
    My Family makes me Happy and ofcoz my Loving two kids πŸ™‚

  10. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    Spending bonding moments with my friends, family, and pets make me happy. Having these precious events occurring are priceless

  11. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    Spending bonding moments with my friends, family, and pets make me happy. Having these precious events occurring are priceless and immeasurable

  12. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    Like you, my family makes me happy. I am happy that my husband and son are happy and healthy, and that we are all together everyday. And we are going out today for a family date-out, so this is another day of happiness. Hehe.

  13. yna bronozo says:

    What makes me happy?

    Spending time with my family, knowing that they are all healthy and safe. Providing them with things they need as much as I can. Giving them unconditional LOVE that they all deserve. Seeing them happy and contented in life makes me more HAPPY.

  14. Glaiza Talaboc Pesquera says:

    Seeing my child active, healthy and happy.

  15. Sheryl An Mungcal says:

    Being with my baby makes me happy everyday,. Taking good care of him, palying with him & seeing him grow makes me feel a proud mother,.

  16. caryn morales says:

    my daughter make me happy everyday. coz she never fail to amaze me with her surprises and antics. she makes me proud everytime she achieved something from her own efforts.

  17. April Rose says:

    What a very nice question, Lovingly Mama..:)
    Of course it’s my Baby and family, to see their wonderful happy smiles which can’t be replace to anything in this world.:)

  18. jenny vecina says:

    to have my family seing them healthy and smart . a good husband that’s why im everyday happy

  19. MariChuy says:

    Lovingly mama is a very nice title to have πŸ™‚ This really means that you are just a great mother on earth. And I am proud to say that I am a lovingly mama for my 2 little angels.
    Hope to win. More power & god bless all.

  20. Lennie G. Mungcal says:

    My family makes me happy in everyday of my life,. Seeing them good & healthy makes me feel happy,. and now another member of our family came and thats my grandson,.

  21. Cathlyn Joy G. Roman says:

    waking up in the morning makes me feel happy because its another day for me to explore,. but seeing my mother taking good care of us completes my day,.

  22. Being happy is not so hard, I just appreciate every blessing even small ones that God is giving me every day. It’s a joy for me just seeing my loved ones healthy and happy.

  23. mary jane hernandez says:

    what makes me happy was when i’m with my family especially with my husband and 3 kids.And i am more happier when i make others happy.

  24. says:

    GOd and my family makes me happy. πŸ™‚

  25. eileen laurente says:

    My family is my happiness, I am proud that I am an enervon user as well as the whole family,,, More energy more happy πŸ˜€ Seeing them healthy is my great happiness in life, I am a proud lovingly mama!

  26. Marinela Diaz says:

    Having a very loving husband and an energetic toddler is what makes me happy to the core! Plus, I have the coolest parents, 3 siblings who dote on my toddler to the nth power, a nephew who loves his cousin (my son) so much and 2 awesome dachshunds. πŸ™‚ Life’s great, right? πŸ™‚ Seeing them happy, healthy and safe from harm fuels me to face the day with joy and positivity.

  27. regina maniquiz says:


  28. What makes me happy? Being able to spend quality time with my family and friends.
    Having a quiet time with myself also makes me happy too.

  29. laila mercado says:

    what makes me happy is the one thing that a couple could wish for a baby i am always praying that the lord god will bless us to have a baby

  30. Only my Family is my happiness,without them i feel nothing…

  31. Belinda Aguilar says:

    What makes me happy? my family. My son and my husband. They really make me feel so special each and every day, in so many different ways. My son never forgets to say ILOVEYOU MAMA JING.. and whenever I hear that, I feel really blessed and greatful for having such a malambing son. My husband, on the other hand, always doing things that surprises me, in a good way, like cooking my favorite ulam. Spending the rest of the day with both of them really makes me happy, so happy.. πŸ™‚

  32. What really makes me happy is to see my family in good health and nobody is sick. Nothing really feels rewarding to see my family happy.

  33. leizette majomot says:

    My family makes me happy. πŸ™‚

  34. Agnes dc says:

    There are a lot of things that makes me happy. My happiness comes in every bags everyday. I am happy every time I see my kids sleeps soundly at night and happiness in the morning when when they got up and heads to prep themselves for school. Happiness when I can get that me time with my coffee in the morning which is basically my fuel to start. Happiness is weekend morning where all of us can eatbreakfast together, that is the only time of the week we can do that. And most specially happiness is when i get to see my favorite show before I sleep … It’s Ellen DeGeneres. πŸ™‚

  35. Sherry Ann gole cruz says:

    i think my kids makes me happy,they are the reason,i live,love and laugh,they give me the strength to face everyday challenges,especialy my baby bella,she brings us so much joy and pride,

  36. my family makes me happy in their own special way. whenever i feel blue, i just glance their smiling face, all the troubles will be gone

  37. Therese Decena says:

    simple things in life makes me happy like being with my friends & love one’s sharing a moments together ,reading my favorite book or watching movies & also helping other people.. πŸ™‚

  38. julie ann Dolojan says:

    What makes me happy? my family of course..Gusto ko magkaroon kami ng sariling tirahan at maaus na trabaho pra sa asawa ko gusto rin ng makasigurado sa kinabukasan ng mga anak ko at maayos ang kanilang paglaki ung malayo sa sakit kaya nagtitiwala ako sa enervon.

  39. joy merced says:

    I am an easy person to please, i find happiness in everything that i do and everyone that i see. My kids and hubby make me happy, completes my days and makes me go on.

  40. Manuela Abenion says:

    Of course my family makes me family though ups and down… basta nandyan sila sa tabi ko, ako na yung pinaka masayang nanay sa buong Pilipinas… at sa Enervon kumpleto na talaga!!!

  41. maria janet roxas says:

    my family is my only hapiness in life. with them my life are complete. i became strong aslong as they’re there beside me. their love is my strenght and inspiration.

  42. annabelle mape says:

    seeing my family in good health makes me happy and sharing ideas while eating also ; with enervon i know they’re fit and ready to go

  43. ariane may n. gamil says:

    being blessed with my husband and daughter. Waking everyday with a new things and experiences with them day by day and thanking God for giving us healthy safe and blessed life.

  44. Polinda Usero says:

    What makes me happy? When I see my family healthy, happy and enjoying their life spending time with me.

  45. katherine cagampang says:

    what makes me happy?…when i woke up in the morning and im very thankful because it made me realize that GOd gave me a another day and chance to make my dreams come true…

  46. Mai Decena says:

    Being with My Family,Friends and doing the things that i love makes me happy!!pursuing my passion in life.. cooking and watching movies !!

  47. Irishielle Guevara says:

    God made me happy. By giving me my life and blessing me with a loving family. They’re my inspiration. A piece of heaven sent to me from above.

  48. Juliet says:

    What makes me happy is my family, despite every problem we face, I’m still w/ them thinking all the possibilities we’ll make. and God makes me stronger.

  49. elinor semira says:

    I am very thankful to God for showering me a loving wonderful hubby and a very smart adorable kid! Just thinking over them makes me happiest! ^_^

  50. hoover says:

    what make me happy is my family

  51. Catherine De Guzman says:

    Seeing everyone in my family is healthy and strong makes me happy. Just knowing them that they are happy too makes me feel even more happier. Life if good and I like each of them to experience life to its fullest level, to be active and strong … that is how to do it!

  52. joy Rebleza says:

    What makes me happy?

    -I’m happy when I know that my family and friends are happy and they are safe.

    -I’m happy when I know that I did something that somehow I made someone smile.

    -I’m happy when my son smiles at me and tells me “saranghe eomma”

    -I’m happy every time I wake up and know that GOD gave me another day to be thankful for.

  53. Angelica Nario says:

    what makes me happy is when i see my kids happy, even i’m tired when my kids looked at me and smile it could make my world smile. my kid’s are the precious gift i ever had cause they are the reason why i smile and my happy moments complete.

  54. Lorie Nocasa says:

    What really makes me happy is the thought that my family is always at peace. I’m really happy because my son is always healthy and my husband is always safe at work. I’m happy that God is always blessing us.

  55. Leizle Demaisip says:

    Seeing my family at peace and healthy is what makes me more happier. With just a simple hug and kisses coming from my family, it’s like i’m in a cloud nine. πŸ™‚

  56. marjorie bisagar says:

    what makes me happy

    my family most especially my son..even if i get tired of working whole day pagdating mo ng bahay sasalubong sayo ang mahigpit nyang yakap at matamis na halik pawi na ang pagod mo..

  57. May Ongsioco says:

    What makes me happy?
    im happy to see my family healthy and happy.
    im happy to see my kids doing well in school and making stories when they are going home.

  58. Emilie Udasco says:

    Seeing mah 2 daughters happy, makes me happy too.. Knowing that 5 months to go, I will graduate from college na! πŸ™‚

  59. My 1 year old son makes me happy every time. In the morning, before going to work he makes me glad by his sweetness. At home after work, my son will run to me and say ma-ma, then he’ll make faces and smile, at his very young age he know how to hug me, and knew how to play hide-and -seek at the back of the door. Our bonding time as a family always makes me happy.

  60. ma clara reyes says:

    Seeing my family healthy and full of happy moments makes me happy,
    and we get along well with each other that makes me happy πŸ™‚

  61. Jason Ronald B. Grabillo says:

    What makes me happy is when I and my family are having bonding time together, sharing stories with them, and thinking of what our future will be.

  62. Chezka says:

    My kids always make me happy!!! When im stress and feeling blue they always make me smile and cheer me up! They are my angel and treasure

  63. Arminda Puno De Leon says:

    Happiness is temporary as relaxation time, eating my fave food, going to the spa, watching Got to Believe, and others.

  64. Lolita Singwatt says:

    What makes me happy ? My family and friends and my simple life.

  65. Arra Morta says:

    What makes me happy?

    My baby girl always makes me happy. Whenever I feel stressed, I just hug her and she hugs me back, really I cant find joy the way she gives me in any other things. Her laugh is the most beautiful thing to hear. She makes me happy, really.

  66. Lau Beruin says:

    I’m happy when I wake up everyday knowing that every member of my family does the same. It’s always the simple things that will make us happy!

  67. jenny esplana says:

    What makes me HAPPY?

    When my family and friends are in good situation and lovingly me always. When we go to church and happily chatting to someone πŸ˜€

  68. Mary Anne Ramirez says:

    My time spent with my kids and hubby is what makes me happy. They are my world, my hope & my life. They make me strong and be a better person. Without them, I’m nothing, I’m useless and I’m lifeless. They make me the most happiest person in the planet.

  69. Pink2graphy says:

    Seeing little kiddos laughing like there’s no tommorow, gives me that so much happiness.

  70. Pink2graphy says:

    Seeing little kiddos laughing like there’s no tommorow, gives me that so much happiness. We have been fostering abandoned children and as much as we could, we give them so much of what they need.

  71. Kristine Ocampo says:

    What makes me Happy are my Family, a simple hug and smile from the makes me strong and feel secure.

  72. Mary Grace Mondejar says:

    What makes me happy? As a working mom, I make it sure that I gave all the needs of my family specially my children. They are my life and they make me feel better and happy when I am playing with them, doing assignment and projects, surfing and searching in internet with them. I love my family and my children.

  73. Ang nag iisa kong anak ang nagbibigay sakin ng ligaya makita ko lang siyang nakangiti at laging masaya kahit na pagod na pagod na ko sa maghapon kakahabol sa kanya nawawala lahat kapag nahalikan na niya ako at masabing I love you mommy!

  74. Allan Reyes says:

    My wife and baby

  75. Jenny Esplana says:

    who won

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