Make Happy-Happy Happen With Enervon Christmas Giveaway

Make Happy-Happy Happen With Enervon Christmas Giveaway

Two lucky readers of Lovingly Mama will win a gift pack each from Unilab. ๐Ÿ˜€

Update: Winners!

Christmas is just around the bend and many of us are already rushing–rushing to buy Christmas presents, new outfits for Christmas parties, ingredients for our menu, practicing for our special numbers, and pretty much anything and everything pertaining to Christmas. Add to that the many weddings and christenings happening during the holidays and everything can be pretty hectic.

With everything that is happening in December, we need lots of energy to make things happen–including being happy during these events and not sick or stressed out. We need a vitamin and mineral supplement that will help us not only during the holidays but also in our everyday lives.

This is where Enervon comes in. It is a vitamin and mineral supplement from Unilab that ensures adults of “optimum energy and increased body resistance against common sicknesses. Its combination of B-Complex Vitamins (that) help optimize food into energy, while Vitamin C aids (in the) body’s natural defense. And since it is made by Unilab, we know this multivitamin brand can be trusted. ๐Ÿ˜€

So this Christmas, who wouldn’t want an Enervon gift pack? Join this Rafflecopter-powered giveaway below. Open only to Philippine residents and those with Philippine mailing addresses. Unilab will be responsible for mailing the prizes. Giveaway period is from December 1-20, 2013.


75 thoughts on “Make Happy-Happy Happen With Enervon Christmas Giveaway

  1. Catherine De Guzman

    Seeing everyone in my family is healthy and strong makes me happy. Just knowing them that they are happy too makes me feel even more happier. Life if good and I like each of them to experience life to its fullest level, to be active and strong … that is how to do it!

  2. joy Rebleza

    What makes me happy?

    -I’m happy when I know that my family and friends are happy and they are safe.

    -I’m happy when I know that I did something that somehow I made someone smile.

    -I’m happy when my son smiles at me and tells me “saranghe eomma”

    -I’m happy every time I wake up and know that GOD gave me another day to be thankful for.

  3. Angelica Nario

    what makes me happy is when i see my kids happy, even i’m tired when my kids looked at me and smile it could make my world smile. my kid’s are the precious gift i ever had cause they are the reason why i smile and my happy moments complete.

  4. Lorie Nocasa

    What really makes me happy is the thought that my family is always at peace. I’m really happy because my son is always healthy and my husband is always safe at work. I’m happy that God is always blessing us.

  5. Leizle Demaisip

    Seeing my family at peace and healthy is what makes me more happier. With just a simple hug and kisses coming from my family, it’s like i’m in a cloud nine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. marjorie bisagar

    what makes me happy

    my family most especially my son..even if i get tired of working whole day pagdating mo ng bahay sasalubong sayo ang mahigpit nyang yakap at matamis na halik pawi na ang pagod mo..

  7. May Ongsioco

    What makes me happy?
    im happy to see my family healthy and happy.
    im happy to see my kids doing well in school and making stories when they are going home.

  8. Emilie Udasco

    Seeing mah 2 daughters happy, makes me happy too.. Knowing that 5 months to go, I will graduate from college na! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Melanie Eugenio

    My 1 year old son makes me happy every time. In the morning, before going to work he makes me glad by his sweetness. At home after work, my son will run to me and say ma-ma, then he’ll make faces and smile, at his very young age he know how to hug me, and knew how to play hide-and -seek at the back of the door. Our bonding time as a family always makes me happy.

  10. ma clara reyes

    Seeing my family healthy and full of happy moments makes me happy,
    and we get along well with each other that makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jason Ronald B. Grabillo

    What makes me happy is when I and my family are having bonding time together, sharing stories with them, and thinking of what our future will be.

  12. Chezka

    My kids always make me happy!!! When im stress and feeling blue they always make me smile and cheer me up! They are my angel and treasure

  13. Arminda Puno De Leon

    Happiness is temporary as relaxation time, eating my fave food, going to the spa, watching Got to Believe, and others.

  14. Arra Morta

    What makes me happy?

    My baby girl always makes me happy. Whenever I feel stressed, I just hug her and she hugs me back, really I cant find joy the way she gives me in any other things. Her laugh is the most beautiful thing to hear. She makes me happy, really.

  15. Lau Beruin

    I’m happy when I wake up everyday knowing that every member of my family does the same. It’s always the simple things that will make us happy!

  16. jenny esplana

    What makes me HAPPY?

    When my family and friends are in good situation and lovingly me always. When we go to church and happily chatting to someone ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Mary Anne Ramirez

    My time spent with my kids and hubby is what makes me happy. They are my world, my hope & my life. They make me strong and be a better person. Without them, I’m nothing, I’m useless and I’m lifeless. They make me the most happiest person in the planet.

  18. Pink2graphy

    Seeing little kiddos laughing like there’s no tommorow, gives me that so much happiness.

  19. Pink2graphy

    Seeing little kiddos laughing like thereโ€™s no tommorow, gives me that so much happiness. We have been fostering abandoned children and as much as we could, we give them so much of what they need.

  20. Kristine Ocampo

    What makes me Happy are my Family, a simple hug and smile from the makes me strong and feel secure.

  21. Mary Grace Mondejar

    What makes me happy? As a working mom, I make it sure that I gave all the needs of my family specially my children. They are my life and they make me feel better and happy when I am playing with them, doing assignment and projects, surfing and searching in internet with them. I love my family and my children.

  22. Cecille Azucena

    Ang nag iisa kong anak ang nagbibigay sakin ng ligaya makita ko lang siyang nakangiti at laging masaya kahit na pagod na pagod na ko sa maghapon kakahabol sa kanya nawawala lahat kapag nahalikan na niya ako at masabing I love you mommy!

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